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To celebrate the new website eventually after several faulty towers incidents involving changing web host due to incompetence on the pervious hosts part (not one to name anyone - Dodgeiweb!) and several long enlightening chats with Wordpress its  LIVE  So to celebrate I'm doing a giveaway on my Facebook page You can win €50 of Society 6 gift...

Representation US and UK

Hi folks  A while ago I contacted some agents and after a long story I won't bore you with apart from saying that its so mental it could only happen to me. Alan Lynch Artists has agreed to represent me for the whole of the US of A. He is also by way of Knock so we get on like a house on Guinness!   I am so chuffed to be represented by him...


 Revelations by JA Souders (The Elysium Chronicles #2)  Tor Teen November 5th 2013 JA Souders  Goodreads Without type treatment Final cover  Also in Series Revelations (The Elysium Chronicles #1)         A Dark Grave (The Elysium Chronicles #1.5)...

Agent and Feature

I'm now currently represented in the UK and US by Advocate Art  Taking on a agent is a big step for any freelance illustrator. In one way you give up some flexibility, in another you will get contracts you never would have. It's not for everyone and I particularly liked Ed and the team in Advocate.  For indy authors that are looking to hire me,...

A Dark Grave & Happy 2013!

So I'm not a New Year Revolution kind of minion. I'm a "get on with it minion" any time of year. But I will try and update this more! I just always forget and then I remember but a cuppa calls me instead...or a curley wurley! First cover of the year was actually in 2012, on December 25th but how and ever! A Dark Grave done for Jessica A Souders, a...

Blog Tour Links

Hi minions! So here is the list of blogs that will be featuring or interviewing me in the coming weeks. Tune into Allison's Nook as she has the goodie pack to be won at the end! Her interview was yesterday so why not swing by and have a mosey? May learn something new about me! December 8 - Allison's Nook                           ...


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